Test Prep

We are here to help you with your exams

Whether you are a teacher needing to set an exam, or student taking

your national exams or heading to University and needs your

IELTS/TOEFL, we can help

Test Preparation & Setting

Setting and marking examinations takes a lot of time

and effort. We can help you set examinations for your students,

ensuring the English used is correct and that the questions reflect

the learning of the students. We can set exams at all levels and for

all ages. If required, we can also act as independent markers for the

exams that we have set, allowing your teachers time to do what they

do best, teach.​


How often have you looked at examinations and wondered at the level of English? If you are setting your own examinations, we can check the your English is correct and that the questions and answers are right and unambiguous.

Mock examinations​​

We can assist in writing and invigilating during mock examinations across all levels and ages, including IELTS,TOEFL and national examinations.

​English level assessment

​Confused about which level your students or you are at. We can give full English assessments  to show at which level, based on the Common European Framework (CEF), you or your students are at.​

If you are looking for other services around exams and exam setting not listed here, please feel free to contact us. We are sure we will be able to assist.

Specialist English

We offer specialist English courses, such as IELTS/TOEFL, Aviation English, Academic English, Sub-Editing & Editorial English for journalism and publishing, voice overs and English for media (TV & Radio). Please contact us for more details.