In-Business English

English is the international language of business and to conduct commerce with the outside world you need to speak the language of business. However, it isn't always possible or convenient to send your employees on external English Courses. We therefore offer business English courses at your office or place of choice. 

Our courses are designed for people who want to learn, or improve their English, for Business situations and are perfect for:

  • ​People who are required to use English as part of their job
  • People who feel they need English skills to progress in their chosen careers
  • Students studying Business, Commerce, Media or Communications
  • University students, graduates or students who have finished Senior High School and want to develop their skills for their future careers

Format & Duration

Our courses are designed for up to 15 students of similar or equal understanding of English and BEA’s diagnostic consultancy process includes discussion on course duration based on the students’ needs. However, because of the material we use, we recommend 36 hours broken down into 2 terms. Lessons last either 1½ or 2 hours.

Course content

Our courses focus on the development of business English skills with a balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks. Additional focus is placed on the needs of the students, helping them become more confident in their ability to play an active part within a business environment.


Throughout the course, students will acquire the vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to develop their business skills and use the language confidently for, amongst other things, engaging with colleagues and clients, using the telephone, presentations and attending and chairing meetings.

Our Tutors

Our native language tutors are British English speakers, are educated to degree level, have at least 10 years’ experience working in the business world and a minimum 3 years teaching experience.


Where students have a prior knowledge of English, BEA will undertake an English language skills assessment before proceeding with recommendations for the course. Depending on their English level, a programme will be prepared outlining key areas for development and appropriate objectives to be set. Where students are to be organised into multi-level groups, BEA will take very seriously the
compatibility of learner starting levels and will seek to advise on appropriate groupings as necessary.