Advantage of our service

Having a native English speaker at a school is an undeniable asset, especially for bilingual schools, schools teaching to
Cambridge or IB certification and schools where English language learning is high on the curriculum. However having a full time native teacher is expensive and can be a bureaucratic nightmare; recruiting and retaining a native teacher
can cost in excess of Rp. 300 million per year and can take months to negotiate Government regulations, meaning many schools do not recruit native speakers. Working with BEP will give you the following advantages:  

  • Saving the cost and hassles of employing a full time native teacher
  • Reinforcing your curriculum or devising a course for your students
  • Learning scheduled around your requirements and students needs  
  • Students have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from a full native speaker including pronunciation and language use 


Our service

In-School native facilitator

The British English Academy (previously through Business Education Partnership) is known for its ability to successfully carry out instruction to very diverse audiences. The instructional training team has frequently demonstrated the ability to identify and understand each student’s individual performance needs and thereby determine those areas most essential for improving the individual’s skill.

Our teachers have current and/or previous experience in schools such as, amongst others, English First, Al Falaah Islamic school, Al Azhar Islamic School, Candletree School, Sinar Cendekia Islamic School and several Montessori pre-schools.

Working with your school and resident English teachers,we devise programmes based around your syllabus and your student                                                                            requirements to help reinforce the annual curriculum. We work with all age groups                                                                    from pre-school through to IELTS/TOEFL training for Senior High School. We will:
                                                                   * If required, perform an initial assessment of each student to assess the                                                                                     individual students English level

                                                                   * Attend school at regular and agreed intervals to work with the students on their                                                                         English

                                                                   * Work regularly with the resident English teacher to ensure that we are still                                                                               working to your syllabus and to see where we need to make changes

* Perform continued assessment of students if required

* Prepare students for internal and national exams